Monday, May 31, 2010

The Real Heroes

In the past year since last Memorial Day, 10 Maryland service men have died while defending The United States of America in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. Throughout the U.S., 400 soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen have been casualties of the war since last Memorial Day.

So on this Memorial Day 2010, I'm sending up a prayer for the families of the real heroes, the fallen Maryland soldiers:

Sgt. Rodrigo Munguia Rivas

Sgt. Michael Heede, Jr

Sgt. 1st Class Bradley Bohle

Lance Cpl. Jordon Chrobot

Sgt. Charles Cartwright

Spc. Christopher Coffland

Staff Sgt. Matthew Pucino

Sgt. David Smith

Spc. Anthony Paci

Cpl. Kurt Shea

And on this Memorial Day, I would like to send out a big thank you to military men and women throughout America for their service to our country to insure our freedoms and liberties everyday.