Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday's Wedding ABC's

G.  G is for gifts.  Take some time to decide on thoughtful gifts for your bridal party and parents.  And remember, you'll want to thank your shower hostesses with a small gift.

H.  H is for honeymoon.  If you can't take the time or can't spare the funds for an big trip for the honeymoon, treat yourself to at least 3 days away together.  A honeymoon's purpose is to relax and reenergize after the stress and exhaustion of the wedding.  You will still need that time together to connect and relax.

I.  I is for inspiration.  There is inspiration everywhere.  Creating a college of pictures, tear-outs from magazines, and color swatches will help you communication your vision of the wedding to your vendors.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Dress Your Man

JCrew is a terrific resource for attire for your Groom and Groomsmen.  They have an array of tuxes, suits, and jackets perfect for this very special occasion.
Classic tuxedo pant ($195) and jacket ($450)
Seersucker pant ($98) and jacket ($198)
Linen pant ($128) and jacket ($250)

A great deal for pieces they can wear for years.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bright mixed with Light


Sunday's wedding at the Grand Lodge was a perfect combination of the Bride's love for bright, sassy colors with her Mother's dream of subtle elegance.

Lauren and Dave were married in the upstairs chapel of the Lodge in a beautiful, romantic ceremony.

Guests then made their way downstairs to the cocktail hour full of bright pinks and greens. The sushi station was a huge hit. The staff from Linwoods Catering kept the bar lines moving and dazzled guests with an wonderful dinner. Our band, Spectrum, were full of energy and kept the crowd on the dance floor.

The ballroom decor was fresh and spring-y with a ribbon detail cloth in a cucumber green color from Table Toppers. The green dot hemstitch napkins were gathered with ribbon and accented with leaves. The napkins perfectly accented the gold ball charger from Party Rental.

The cake was from Snickerdoodles and was exactly what the bride requested. It was full of color, pattern, and fun.

After the cake cutting, guests enjoyed the chocolate fountain and ice cream bar. The dipped and drizzled chocolate over all sorts of treats.

The newlyweds ran through sparklers to make their exit and start their honeymoon.

Congratulations Lauren and Dave!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Perfect Tented Wedding at Home


It was a gorgeous evening for a tent wedding on Saturday.

Guests were welcomed to the reception, held at the home of the Bride's parents, by a signature cocktail and a string quintet.

The tent was opened by a line of 12 string musicians greeting the guests with their beautiful music.

Linwoods Catering served a double buffet of salmon and lamb for the wine paired dinner. The staff served dinner and then stayed for another round of late night snacks and then brunch the following morning.

The tent sparkled with linens from Gala Cloths by Dulany. The perfect color green napkins were purchased by the Mother of the Bride and were gathered in grapevine napkin rings. The napkin was paired with a menu card that also served as a place card for the guests. The combination were placed on an clear shimmery charger plate.

The Sid Miller Dance Band kept the crowd on the dance floor all evening. They played all of the wedding favorites including some Journey and Bon Jovi. The guests loved it.

The cake was designed after Sarah and Ben's favorite mountain in Colorado. They work in the ski and hiking industry and the cake really celebrated their passion for the outdoors.

The guests were still celebrating when the After Party began. DJ Jason Walsh kept everyone on the dance floor while ColdStone Creamery kept them in good spirits.

The overall feeling of the evening was one of great joy and love. Everyone was just thrilled to celebrate the love to two very special people.

Congratulations Sarah and Ben!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Amenities Baskets

We always recommend having an amenities basket in the restroom (at least for the ladies) at our weddings.  It is always used and often saves your guests from one issue or another throughout the night.  So what goes in?

Hairspray, Spray deodorant, Feminine products, Lotion, Comb, Bobby Pins, Hair Ties, Mints, Mouthwash, Pain Reliever, Tissues, Antacids, Anti-Static Spray, Safety Pins, Sewing Kit, Nail File, Bandages, Lint Brush

Hairspray, Spray deodorant, Mints, Comb, Antacids, Sewing Kit, Bandages, Lint Brush

You can add other items if you wish.  Most importantly be sure that the restrooms are clean and  stocked with soap and hand towels.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Spoil your Girls

Spoil your girls with this shower gel set from Philosophy

$30.00 from

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Passport Laws - Honeymooning Abroad?

Passport rules can be confusing.  Here's a primer.
You need as Passport if:
If you're flying by air then you need one to go anywhere outside of the United States.  So when you fly home from Mexico or Canada you will need your passport to get back into the US.  The Caribbean is confusing because some places, like the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rice, are US territories.  Check online for your location to be certain.  Some only require a birth certificate.

For the time being until next year) you can travel by land or sea to Mexico or Canada and come home with just your photo id.

How to get a Passport:
All of the information and forms you need are at Travel.State.Gov.
There are rules about new passports versus renewals and all of the guidelines.

The process can take a while so apply early!
Your Passport will be in your maiden name.  Your last name doesn't change until the papers are filed with the state and you begin the name change process.  Your plane tickets should be in your maiden name as well.  Be sure to pack a copy of your marriage license, just in case.  A copy - not the real one!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday's Wedding ABC's

D.  D is for dancing.  Most brides and grooms will say that their main goal is for all of their guests to have a great time at their wedding.  One of the key elements here is for the bride and groom to be out on the dance floor with their guests dancing and enjoying themselves.

E.  E is for escort cards.  Escort cards direct your guests to their tables.  Escort cards are displayed for the guests to pick up alphabetically on a table or in some other creative method.  See also P is for place cards.

F.  F is for fondant.  Fondant is the dough-like covering used on some wedding cakes.  Most people either love or hate fondant, either for the taste or the look.  The pros to a fondant covering are the smooth texture and it's ability to withstand heat.  The cons are that it doesn't taste that yummy and can get sort of hard.  

Friday, May 23, 2008

How Many??

There are so many "How Many's" in the wedding planning process.  Here are a few answers.

How many guests will respond no?
We usually see a decline rate of about 20%.  Every now and then that rate is a bit higher or a bit lower, it really just depends.

How many cocktail napkins do I order?
Usually 2-3 per guest for cocktail hour and then 4-5 for use during the reception.
Extra special EBW tip:  order them without the date and you can use them later!

How many hours should it all last?
The cocktail hour should be an hour and the reception another 4 hours for a total of a 5 hour reception.  If you wish to add time then how about an after party?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Full of Warmth and Love

Heather and Andy were married this past ceremony in a beautiful and deeply touching ceremony at the historic Mt. Vernon Church.  After the ceremony the guests made the short walk over to the Peabody Library.

Family and friends were welcomed by Bob Margolis who strolled with his guitar during the cocktail hour.  Guests were then invited into the main library and were dazzled by the floral artistry of Victoria from Romance of Flowers.  The creamy, lush flowers were gorgeous and perfectly accented the amazing architecture of the Peabody.

Dinner from Chef's Expressions was a delicious meal that was plated beautifully.  The entire effect was a delicate mixture of modern, romance, and history.

Doctor's Orders kept the crowd on the dance floor all night.  They played all of the favorites and guests kept exclaiming "I love this song" and running back onto the dance floor.  The night ended with the entire party on the dance floor.  Heather and Andy were in the middle of everyone they loved and looked entirely blissful.

Congratulations to Heather and Andy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Like You're Already in Hawaii

Surfer Girl by Philosophy $35 on

This trio of products gives you that just-at-the-beach glow with the scent of sweet kiwi papaya and bit of gold shimmer you'll look and feel like you're honeymooning. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shoes: The Ultimate Accessory

Some people think that bridal shoes aren't that important because "no one sees them in that long gown".  Here are some ideas to make your bridal shoes super special so you'll be showing them off all night.

1.  Go for color.

A little splash of color peeking out from under your gown.

2.  Monogram them.

Using crystals to write your new monogram, wedding date, or initials on the bottom of your shoes.  This bit of sparkle is especially fun if you'll be kneeling during your vows.

3.  Sign them.
It is a Turkish tradition for all of the single bridesmaids to sign the bottom of the bride's wedding shoes.  Tradition holds that the name that is worn off at the end of the night is the next to marry.

Yellow shoes are Stuart Weitzman, Crystals image from Heart+Sole (no longer in business).

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lip Smacking

We Love This Idea

Tarte Cosmetics will personalize a lipgloss duo for you and your guests.

Order 90 days before your party and you'll need to order at least 25 - but could they be any cuter?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday's Wedding ABC's

A.  A is for Alencon lace.  Alencon lace is a kind of needle lace and can be used on wedding gowns.  It is made in France. 

B.  B is for bar.  Most weddings will have bar for their guests to enjoy.  Open bar or beer and wine are fine, just no cash bars please.  See also Signature Drinks.

C.  C is for charger plate.  A charger plate sits on the table when you're guests are seated.  It lays between the flatware and contributes to the overall first impression of the tables.  Often, the salad plate is served on top of the charger and both are cleared together, however some locations clear the charger before the salad service.

Friday, May 16, 2008

You Could be Famous

Modern Bride Magazine is looking to feature a Real Bride on their Cover!
Details:  Visit the Modern Bride website for all of the information.  You'll need to fill out their form and submit 3 photos.  25 brides will be selected to send in a short video, then 10 semifinalists will be posted on and shown on The Early Show on CBS.  America will vote for the Modern Bride of the Year!  The top five finalists will be flown to New York and announced live on The Early Show.  So much fun!

Sign up by June 16th!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Honeymoon Registries are taking off. They are the perfect gift registry for the couple who has everything they need and want a fantastic trip.  The registry process is unique because your guests can contribute as much as they'd like to a selected portion of the trip (like airfare, a hotel night, or an excursion).  In the end you receive the funds to put towards whatever portion of the trip you'd like, but in a fun way for your guests.
The Wall Street Journal reviewed the following services and here's a summary of their take.

The registry is free or HoneyLuna will help you set it up for $150 or $100 for help plus travel-agent services.  No fees on gifts from guests.  You receive funds total minus 9% (free registry) or 15% (registry plus travel-agent services)

The registry  process is simple and you are able to view other people's registries to get ideas.  The registry has customizable features like adding photos.  No fees on gifts from guests.  You receive funds total minus 7.5%.  Accessible from the

The registry is easy to create from suggested items or from scratch.  Guests pay a 3% transaction fee.  You receive funds total minus 7% or 3.5% if travel is booked through Big Day ($4,000+) or 0% ($8,000+).

Registry is pre-made and easily changed.  No fees on gifts from guests (unless you choose to have guests pay 7% service fee instead of having it taken from total amount).  You receive funds total minus 7% (unless you choose to have that taken from guests gifts at time of purchase).  

Registry setup is simple and customizable, but a bit bland in appearance.  No fees on gifts from guests.  You receive funds total minus 7.5%.  

And never fear, Emily Post says this idea is a-okay!  No etiquette offenses here!

Read the entire article online The Wall Street Journal

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Getting to Know Flowers

Getting to Know Flowers

Comes in lots of different shades of yellow, white, red, pink, orange, and copper

Comes in colors from pure white through baby pinks and pale peaches to clear deep pink and dark rich maroon.

Come in shades of purple, cream, pink, pale green and two-tones with colored petal edges

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gown Fittings 101

First Fitting?  Here are some tips to make the gown fitting process successful.
1.  Bring your stuff.  You need to have all of your undergarments and shoes with you for every fitting.  If you plan on changing shoes during the evening, let your seamstress know.

2.  Bustles.  If your gown has a bustle then bring someone with you to the last fitting to learn how to create the bustle properly.  Take a photo of the completed bustle for reference on the wedding day.

3.  Jewelry.  Bring your choices for wedding day jewelry to one of your fittings if it will help you make a final decision.

4.  Use your voice.  Make sure that you tell the seamstress if something is uncomfortable, itchy, or fitting funny.  They can only fix it if you tell them.

5.  Leave it.  Store your gown at the bridal salon (if it's an option).  They will give it a final steam before you pick it up a few days before the wedding.

Monday, May 12, 2008

You mean we have to eat at the Bachelorette Party?!?

The Maid/Matron of Honor and the Bridesmaids are usually responsible for throwing a Bachelorette Party in honor of the Bride to Be.

There are a lot of different ways to celebrate and they usually depend on the age and personality of the bride. Some girls want to go all out and booze it up in the city while others would be much happier with a spa day with her favorite ladies.

For any party you're going to need some good food and we know you don't want to be ordinary. Here are some recipes from the Food Network that we think are just right.

Everyone will be so impressed when you pull out the Key Lime Tarts:

24 Key Lime Cooler cookies
8 ounces cream cheese, softened
1 egg
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoons lime juice, preferably Key lime
1 teaspoon lime zest
Fresh sweetened whipped cream
Mint leaves or lime zest, for garnish
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Fill 2 (12-muffin) mini muffin tins with paper cups and spray cups with cooking spray. Place 1 Key Lime Cooler cookie in the bottom of each cup, flat side down.

Prepare filling. Beat together cream cheese, egg, sugar, lime juice, and zest until well mixed. Fill the cups to the top. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes. Remove tarts to cool. When completely cool, fit a star tip in a pastry bag and fill with the whipped cream. Pipe the whipped cream on top of the tarts. Garnish with tiny mint leaves or lime zest.

Recipe from Paula Deen on the Food Network

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms, Grandmothers, Tired New Moms, Elated New Grandmothers, Moms-to-Be, Mothers of the Bride, Mothers of the Groom, and most especially Our Moms.
We Love You.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh so Slimming

Did you know your favorite shapewear has a bridal section?
Spanx's Marry Me Footless will help you feel smooth and perfect on your perfect day.

They're on special on for only $18.00!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Monograms 101

We all love a good monogram.  It can perfectly personalize almost anything.
Here's a primer on the perfect monogram.

Sally Megan Clark is marrying Thomas Richard Baker

Sally's Maiden Monogram:  SCM

Sally's Married Monogram:  SBM*
*assuming Sally is taking Baker as her new last name and keeping her middle name

Thomas's Monogram:  TRB

Sally and Thomas's Married Monogram:  SBT

Etiquette Rules:
Sally and Thomas should not use their married monogram until after the wedding.  That means pre-wedding stationery and thank you notes must have Sally's maiden monogram.
Rules are usually relaxed for the actual ceremony programs, but that depends on the couple.

Image from Cranes

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gown Shopping 101

Gown Shopping Tips
It's a once in a lifetime experience - trying on wedding gowns - here are some tips to keep it fun and make it successful.

1.  Make an appointment.  It's essential at any salon and will help ensure good service.  For the best service avoid a Saturday.  Take a day off work and spend the day with your Mom or Maid of Honor.

2.  Dress appropriately.  But you're going to be undressed right?  Well yes, so wearing proper undergarments is key.  Full bottom underwear or perhaps a pair of Spanx is a good choice.  You should also consider a strapless bra.

3.  Have some ideas but be open minded.  Be sure to bring in pictures torn from magazines if you're looking for a specific style, it will help your consultant.  However, you should also be open to the gowns your consultant brings in for you to see.  They know their selection of gowns and what will flatter your figure.

4.  Have a budget.  You always want to have a pre discussed budget before you being shopping.  You can advise your consultant of this budget and they will not bring you gowns outside of it.

5.  Shop early, but not too early.  You definitely want to shop early enough to make it a stress-free ordering process and avoid rush charges.  However, you want to be sure you have a good idea of the style of the wedding and your image of yourself in a bridal gown before ordering.  This will save you the stress of becoming a two dress bride.

Melania Knauss gown image via Chic in Paris

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Because your Toes are Valuable

Of course you want the most amazing pair of shoes for your wedding day. It's the perfect excuse to splurge. Plus, we all know you're going to have those shoes dyed black and wear them to every social event for the next 10 years.

We recently read an article in the Style section of the Wall Street Journal all about comfortable heels. The article wasn't specifically about wedding shoes, but the information still applies.

Their top picks for comfortable heels?

Taryn Rose - can be found on Zappos. The company was founded by an orthopedic surgeon but they "don't like to think about them as orthopedic shoes".

Cole Haan - Cole Haan is owned by Nike. They are using their Air technology by adding airbags to dress shoes and women are raving.

Stuart Weitzman - also found on Zappos. A thin layer of padding plus a keen sense of style make for a great shoe - like the one you see below.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Green Already!

With so much emphasis on Going Green these days we thought it might be nice to point out how Green your wedding is already... with no more work on your part.
1. Linens.  Your tables linens are used over and over. That's recycling.
Want to go greener?
Ask your linen company about linen cocktail napkins instead of paper.

2. Water. The water for your guests is filtered water served from reusable pitchers. No bottled water there.
Want to go greener?
Instead of bottled water in their hotel hospitality bags, how about reusable bottles?

3. Transportation. If you're providing transportation for your guests. That's carpooling.
Want to go greener?
Rent a hybrid on your honeymoon.

4. Food. Many caterers use local products like Maryland Crab. Many also have a relationship with Maryland food banks for leftovers. That's great for the local economy too.
Want to go greener?
Ask about using more local growers or organic products.

So, you see, you're green already. Going green doesn't have to mean burlap after all!

Image from

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bachelorette Party Ideas

The folks at Trip Hub have put together some ideas for your Bachelorette Party.

1. Go Gambling
2. Spa Day
3. Swanky Slumber Party
4. Wine Tasting
5. Pub Crawl In Style
6. Do Lunch
7. Camping in the Great Outdoors
8. Lingerie Party
9. Dinner Theater
10. Traditional Bridal Shower

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Top 10 Bachelor Party Locations

The guys over at have put together a Top 10 Bachelor Party Locations List.
Here they are:

10. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

9. Scottsdale, Arizona

8. Whistler, British Columbia

7. Manhattan, New York

6. New Orleans, Louisiana

5. Vancouver, British Columbia

4. Chicago, Illinois

3. South Beach, Florida

2. Montreal, Quebec

And 1. (Big Surprise) Las Vegas, Nevada

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fine Living

Fine Living Network is having an Ultimate Wedding Weekend today and tomorrow from 3:00 - 6:00pm EST each day.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Something New, or Old

Perfect for Your Something New
This perfect bouquet charm is custom created by Hazelnut Cottage.

It's lovely when a brides bouquet is finished off with a personal element like a custom charm.

It will last as a keepsake long after the wedding and could be added as a charm to your wedding scrapbook.

Or Your Something Old

We also love the idea of using a piece of heirloom jewelry or, in this case a rosary, to add sentiment to your bridal bouquet.
image from

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Have you Met Etsy??

Have you met Etsy?  Etsy is our new favorite website.  It is a buying and selling forum for virtually any kind handmade item.  It's sort of like Ebay, but for all things unique, vintage, or handmade.

Look to Etsy for wedding items, jewelry, accessories, clothing, and gifts for that hard to shop for friend.

The best part?  Everything is a bargain because the sellers aren't paying for overhead.  The more you buy the more you save!

We found these favorites on Etsy:

Ring Bearer Pillow - from Emici Bridal

Embroidered Cosmetic Bag - great for bridesmaids or Mom - from plethora

Something Blue Wedding Day Purse - from leighannkline