Sunday, May 25, 2008

Passport Laws - Honeymooning Abroad?

Passport rules can be confusing.  Here's a primer.
You need as Passport if:
If you're flying by air then you need one to go anywhere outside of the United States.  So when you fly home from Mexico or Canada you will need your passport to get back into the US.  The Caribbean is confusing because some places, like the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rice, are US territories.  Check online for your location to be certain.  Some only require a birth certificate.

For the time being until next year) you can travel by land or sea to Mexico or Canada and come home with just your photo id.

How to get a Passport:
All of the information and forms you need are at Travel.State.Gov.
There are rules about new passports versus renewals and all of the guidelines.

The process can take a while so apply early!
Your Passport will be in your maiden name.  Your last name doesn't change until the papers are filed with the state and you begin the name change process.  Your plane tickets should be in your maiden name as well.  Be sure to pack a copy of your marriage license, just in case.  A copy - not the real one!