Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday's Wedding ABC's

D.  D is for dancing.  Most brides and grooms will say that their main goal is for all of their guests to have a great time at their wedding.  One of the key elements here is for the bride and groom to be out on the dance floor with their guests dancing and enjoying themselves.

E.  E is for escort cards.  Escort cards direct your guests to their tables.  Escort cards are displayed for the guests to pick up alphabetically on a table or in some other creative method.  See also P is for place cards.

F.  F is for fondant.  Fondant is the dough-like covering used on some wedding cakes.  Most people either love or hate fondant, either for the taste or the look.  The pros to a fondant covering are the smooth texture and it's ability to withstand heat.  The cons are that it doesn't taste that yummy and can get sort of hard.