Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Green Already!

With so much emphasis on Going Green these days we thought it might be nice to point out how Green your wedding is already... with no more work on your part.
1. Linens.  Your tables linens are used over and over. That's recycling.
Want to go greener?
Ask your linen company about linen cocktail napkins instead of paper.

2. Water. The water for your guests is filtered water served from reusable pitchers. No bottled water there.
Want to go greener?
Instead of bottled water in their hotel hospitality bags, how about reusable bottles?

3. Transportation. If you're providing transportation for your guests. That's carpooling.
Want to go greener?
Rent a hybrid on your honeymoon.

4. Food. Many caterers use local products like Maryland Crab. Many also have a relationship with Maryland food banks for leftovers. That's great for the local economy too.
Want to go greener?
Ask about using more local growers or organic products.

So, you see, you're green already. Going green doesn't have to mean burlap after all!

Image from time.com