Thursday, May 15, 2008


Honeymoon Registries are taking off. They are the perfect gift registry for the couple who has everything they need and want a fantastic trip.  The registry process is unique because your guests can contribute as much as they'd like to a selected portion of the trip (like airfare, a hotel night, or an excursion).  In the end you receive the funds to put towards whatever portion of the trip you'd like, but in a fun way for your guests.
The Wall Street Journal reviewed the following services and here's a summary of their take.

The registry is free or HoneyLuna will help you set it up for $150 or $100 for help plus travel-agent services.  No fees on gifts from guests.  You receive funds total minus 9% (free registry) or 15% (registry plus travel-agent services)

The registry  process is simple and you are able to view other people's registries to get ideas.  The registry has customizable features like adding photos.  No fees on gifts from guests.  You receive funds total minus 7.5%.  Accessible from the

The registry is easy to create from suggested items or from scratch.  Guests pay a 3% transaction fee.  You receive funds total minus 7% or 3.5% if travel is booked through Big Day ($4,000+) or 0% ($8,000+).

Registry is pre-made and easily changed.  No fees on gifts from guests (unless you choose to have guests pay 7% service fee instead of having it taken from total amount).  You receive funds total minus 7% (unless you choose to have that taken from guests gifts at time of purchase).  

Registry setup is simple and customizable, but a bit bland in appearance.  No fees on gifts from guests.  You receive funds total minus 7.5%.  

And never fear, Emily Post says this idea is a-okay!  No etiquette offenses here!

Read the entire article online The Wall Street Journal