Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gown Fittings 101

First Fitting?  Here are some tips to make the gown fitting process successful.
1.  Bring your stuff.  You need to have all of your undergarments and shoes with you for every fitting.  If you plan on changing shoes during the evening, let your seamstress know.

2.  Bustles.  If your gown has a bustle then bring someone with you to the last fitting to learn how to create the bustle properly.  Take a photo of the completed bustle for reference on the wedding day.

3.  Jewelry.  Bring your choices for wedding day jewelry to one of your fittings if it will help you make a final decision.

4.  Use your voice.  Make sure that you tell the seamstress if something is uncomfortable, itchy, or fitting funny.  They can only fix it if you tell them.

5.  Leave it.  Store your gown at the bridal salon (if it's an option).  They will give it a final steam before you pick it up a few days before the wedding.