Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gown Shopping 101

Gown Shopping Tips
It's a once in a lifetime experience - trying on wedding gowns - here are some tips to keep it fun and make it successful.

1.  Make an appointment.  It's essential at any salon and will help ensure good service.  For the best service avoid a Saturday.  Take a day off work and spend the day with your Mom or Maid of Honor.

2.  Dress appropriately.  But you're going to be undressed right?  Well yes, so wearing proper undergarments is key.  Full bottom underwear or perhaps a pair of Spanx is a good choice.  You should also consider a strapless bra.

3.  Have some ideas but be open minded.  Be sure to bring in pictures torn from magazines if you're looking for a specific style, it will help your consultant.  However, you should also be open to the gowns your consultant brings in for you to see.  They know their selection of gowns and what will flatter your figure.

4.  Have a budget.  You always want to have a pre discussed budget before you being shopping.  You can advise your consultant of this budget and they will not bring you gowns outside of it.

5.  Shop early, but not too early.  You definitely want to shop early enough to make it a stress-free ordering process and avoid rush charges.  However, you want to be sure you have a good idea of the style of the wedding and your image of yourself in a bridal gown before ordering.  This will save you the stress of becoming a two dress bride.

Melania Knauss gown image via Chic in Paris