Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hospitality Bags: Welcome your Guests without going Crazy

Hotel Hospitality Bags are a popular way to welcome your out of town guests, fill them in on all of the happenings for the weekend, and share some your favorite local treats.

What goes in?
We love Baltimore-themed bags - chock full of Charm City treats.
Berger Cookies, Goetze Caramels, and Utz Chips are favorites - and you can't forget the Clipper City Beer!
We dress them all up by repackaging them into cellophane bags with coordinating ribbon.

The bags can tie in to your wedding color scheme and can even be personalized with your names or a special note. We add colored tissue paper to give it some pop.

The Hospitality Bag is the perfect place for a note from the bride and groom, information about local attractions, the weekend schedule, and directions to all of the festivities.

Finish them off with a name tag and you are ready to welcome your wedding guests!

We prefer to have a table set up at the hotel to personally give out the bags. Area hotels are always very welcoming and the wedding guests love the personal greeting.

Top Secret ESB Weddings Tip:
If you are doing your own Hospitality Bags - start early!! We always put together a sample bag with all of the goodies so we can see the best way to combine everything into the gift bag.

The Team at Elizabeth Bailey Weddings are happy to take on this wedding chore - there are plenty of other things to keep you busy that week, so let us take one thing off your plate!

Email Christina to set up a design appointment. Please allow four weeks for design and assembly.