Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How to Dress for a Wedding (When you are not the Bride)

Because we attend the coolest weddings in town, we are often asked about fashion "rules" for wedding guests. Although the rules have changed over the years, the following is list of the common sense guidelines for dressing as a wedding guest:
* No it is not ok to wear a long dress or a tuxedo to an afternoon wedding. Afternoon weddings are normally defined as those beginning before 6:00 pm. Choose a dark suit for men and a street or tea length dress for a woman. Baltimore women do not normally wear black anything to an afternoon wedding. Hats (on women) are very acceptable at an afternoon wedding.
* It is only ok to wear white to a wedding if you are the bride. Back off and let her have all the attention that white brings.
* It is acceptable to wear black to a wedding but perhaps add a bit of color or pearls to make it look less funereal and less like you are working at the wedding (like us).
* Mothers of the bride and groom should collaborate on their attire so they aren't wearing similar (match-y) dresses.
* According to Town and Country magazine: "Guests should not dress conspicuously, provocatively or extravagantly. The bride may forgive you, but the mom certainly won't."
* Always bring a lightweight shawl or wrap. Do you realize how difficult it is to reach a temperature in which 200 people are comfortable? Men are wearing jackets, ladies are in strapless dresses, bare legs and sandals. Bring something to throw over your shoulders instead of asking us to turn up the heat when the men are taking their jackets off.
* Bring an umbrella if it is raining or threatening rain.

And remember... we'll be watching.