Saturday, March 29, 2008

Anniversary Time!

Selecting a cake is a top priority for most brides and grooms.  There are so many choices out there and ways to spend a little or a lot of your wedding day confection.
Tradition tells us to freeze the top layer of the wedding cake to enjoy on the first anniversary.
We're not big fans of that tradition because, not matter how you slice it, cake 12 months old just can't be good.
Our favorite twists on the tradition:
1.  Eat the cake on your 1 month anniversary.  Rarely celebrated but super fun.
2.  Cut the cake into 12 slices - 1 slice to share every month!
3.  Get a new cake - many bakers offer it for free.
4.  Skip the cake altogether and go to Hawaii.
Is your Mother insisting you freeze the cake?  Here's how:

Freeze It
1.  Freeze it before wrapping it to get the whole cake and icing nice and hard.
2.  Wrap it in layers and layers of plastic wrap.  You want to avoid any air touching the cake.
3.  Wrap it again in foil - again the goal is no air.
4.  Place the entire package into an airtight container.  This part ensures that the cake package doesn't get beat up in your freezer.
Eat It
1.  Take the cake package out of the freezer 1 day before you want to eat it and store it in the refrigerator.
2.  The morning you want to eat your cake, put it on the counter totally unwrapped to defrost.
3.  By evening the cake will be ready to eat with a glass of champagne.


Green Orchid Events said...

I like your #4 twist on the tradition: Avoid the cake and go to Hawaii.

I personally ate my cake a few months later and it was still fine but I definitely didn't want to wait a year!!

Good post!