Saturday, April 26, 2008

America's Next Top Bride - An Introduction

In this installment of America's Next Top Bride Sara shares how she met John.

"John and I met as students at Georgetown University. We were both varsity athletes (me- volleyball, John- football) and had several mutual friends, but did not know each other. Well, he didn't know about me! I had a huge crush on John since the first time I saw him, about a year before we actually met. Unfortunately, he had a girlfriend the time, so that was obviously a non-starter! We "officially" met one night at a party celebrating the end of the football season at my neighbor's house (a teammate of John's) where, when there was no place to sit, I asked to sit on his lap! He was surprised to say the least, but quickly assured me that he didn't mind. We have been together (five years!) ever since. I always tell him that, sometimes, good fortune just falls in your lap!"