Saturday, April 5, 2008

Every Bride Should Know #4

Every Bride Should Know

1. Registries can be created online at many popular stores. It may be easier to start the process online then go to the store with your fiance to finish the details. It's okay to check up on your registry to make sure the items you wish to receive are still available. And, no matter what, those convenient registry note cards they will give you should go straight in the recycling bin.

2. Yes, you can have an uneven number of women and men in the bridal party. They can be paired up for the recessional and your pictures will turn out great. Don't fret about making it symmetrical.

3. Snacks and drinks in the bridal suite while everyone is having hair and makeup and getting dressed are essential. You can even have it all delivered without using room service through the hotel. Water, Sprite, and other clear drinks are best.