Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Splash of Pink Sweetness

We had an amazing time at Prima Bridal Show on Sunday!

We joined forces with Victoria from Romance of Flowers with floral design, Patti from Table Toppers with linens, and Sue from Loane Bros with the tent and furniture.

We are so grateful to Victoria who really made lemonade out of lemons with the potted tree that unexpectedly appeared in our tent.  The tree wasn't movable so Victoria added cherry blossom branches and Patti dressed up the pot with linens.  We used it to display our photo albums which made the whole effect look entirely on purpose.  It was a great example of how sometimes we just have to take what we're given and make it look like we had it planned all along!
We spoiled our Brides with Pink Champagne and Pink Cotton Candy.  The cotton candy was a huge hit and perfectly accented our pink, black, and white color story.

Despite some misting early in the morning the Brides and their guests showed up cheerful and ready to chat about their weddings.  Our tent was packed the entire show!
Many thanks to all of the everyone who attended Prima 2008 - vendors and brides!

Get excited for Prima 2009!


mas@elegantengagements.com said...

looks beautiful! ps- you have been tagged.