Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shoes: The Ultimate Accessory

Some people think that bridal shoes aren't that important because "no one sees them in that long gown".  Here are some ideas to make your bridal shoes super special so you'll be showing them off all night.

1.  Go for color.

A little splash of color peeking out from under your gown.

2.  Monogram them.

Using crystals to write your new monogram, wedding date, or initials on the bottom of your shoes.  This bit of sparkle is especially fun if you'll be kneeling during your vows.

3.  Sign them.
It is a Turkish tradition for all of the single bridesmaids to sign the bottom of the bride's wedding shoes.  Tradition holds that the name that is worn off at the end of the night is the next to marry.

Yellow shoes are Stuart Weitzman, Crystals image from Heart+Sole (no longer in business).


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ella pelayo said...

I have check it out and it is really fantastic... Two weeks from now and its also my big day and your giving me useful ideas to look fabulous on my wedding day!