Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Helping Hand

We love listening to the toasts at wedding receptions.  They're a little peak into the non-wedding planning lives of our bride and groom.  We learn so much about their taste and style but often learn a lot about their friendships and family relationships in the toast.

At Heather and Andy's wedding we heard about how they met (on a trek through Burma!) and about their giving natures.

We wanted to share one element of the toast - specifically about Andy's Bachelor Party.  Now, normally we frown upon sharing details of the bachelor party during the toast.  No one wants to hear that much about drinking and debauchery.

Andy's Pre-Wedding Celebration had a different feeling.  He went to a shelter and served meals to those persons less fortunate to himself.  It was a great bonding experience for his groomsmen and they were able to help people who needed it.
What a terrific way to balance out that feeling of decadence and self indulgence that is sometimes involved with a wedding.  Add it to your bachelor or bachelorette party or make it a separate outing.  It's sure to make an impact on you and your wedding party.


Affairs With Elegance said...

What a great story!

SinlessTouch said...

A fabulous article, i'll definitely add it to my friend's suprise bachelorette party!