Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday's Wedding ABC's

M.  M is for menu card.  The menu card is a the perfect place to add personality to your place settings.  For a stations dinner the menu card tells your guests that there are many stations and encourages them to try them all.  For a sit down dinner the menu card tells them what to expect and let's them tell their server early in the meal if there's an item on the menu they can't eat.  It makes for easier, faster dinner service.

N.  N is for navigation.  If your ceremony and reception are in different locations be sure to give directions and maybe a map inside the invitation and on the back of the ceremony program.  Guests may forget the directions included in the invitation and you want to ensure they arrive at the reception.  Also include information about parking or valet service.

O.  O is for open mind.  It's so important to keep an open mind during wedding planning.  You will incorporate lots of opinions into your own vision and you just might fall in love with an idea that contrasts what you started with.  Keep your mind and vision open to new concepts and you just might stumble onto fabulous.