Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday's Wedding ABC's

S.  S is for signature or speciality drink.  A signature drink is a super special drink offered to your guests.  The drink can be anything you love and is usually offered as your guests arrive at the reception.

T.  T is for tent.  A tented wedding can be a beautiful, wonderful event.  In order to have a tented wedding done well you will need to hire a great tent company and a planning professional who has experience with tented events (like us!).  They are tricky and there will be tons of little details to consider.

U.  U is for umbrella.  If you're totally panicked (as opposed to being okay and go with the flow) about it raining on your wedding day, then pick up a couple of too-cute umbrellas.  They'll make for great photos and you'll be so excited to use them that you'll forget about the raindrops.