Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Stamp out your Stamps

With all of the changes at the United States Postal Services we've run into issues with stamps for wedding invitations.  The problem?  They're just not pretty enough.  The answer?

Custom Stamps
Zazzle.com and PhotoStamps.com will both create custom stamps with the image and denomination of your choice.  The custom stamps run about $5 - $10.00 in addition to the postage costs.

Be sure to have your invitations weighed and measured by the post office before ordering.  There are so many rules about the size, weight, and flexibility of the final envelope you have to go to the actual post office and have them test it for you.

What to put on there?
An engagement picture, a favorite snapshot, or even a picture of your dog!

You can use them for your Save the Dates, Invitations, RSVP cards, or Thank You Notes.