Saturday, July 26, 2008

Be the Best Bridesmaid You Can Be

Your best friend/sister/cousin calls!  She's engaged!  She wants you to be in the wedding.

Of course, you're thrilled.  You love her.  You love him.  They're perfect together.  But, seriously, you have a life.  Their wedding isn't your top priority and that's okay.  We all can't be like that girl in "27 Dresses".
So, now that that has been established.  Here are your responsibilities.

*Put on your brightest smile and nod along as the bride-to-be shares her ideas, issues, confusion, joys, and dilemmas.
*Order your dress in a timely manner and pay for it promptly.  Inquire about shoes and jewelry and shop accordingly.  Have the dress altered well ahead of the wedding day.
*Ask the bride about hair and makeup and find out if you need to include that cost in your budget.

*Find out who is planning to throw the bride a shower and offer to help.  If no one is planning a shower yet, then work with the other bridesmaids to pull one together.
*Find out about the bachelorette party and offer to help.
*Buy some wonderfully personal gifts for the bride and her hubby-to-be for the shower and wedding.
*Arrange for your lodging for the wedding weekend.

*Arrive in town for the wedding when you are asked.  Be sure to be there in time for the rehearsal.
*Be attentive at the rehearsal.
*Have a great time at the rehearsal dinner and take tons of pictures.  Then, get to bed early so you'll be bright eyed for the wedding day.
*On the wedding day be cheerful and helpful.  Offer to help the bride if she needs it.
*Smile in pictures and make sure you're where you are needed for the photographer.
*Kick up your heels on the dance floor and have a great time.  Take tons of pictures.
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saundra, event engineer said...

Great post, Elizabeth. Sometimes bridesmaids forget the real reason they are there!

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