Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Be The Best You Can Be

Here are our tips on how to be the very best wedding guest you can be.
1.  Respond early to all wedding related invitations.  Of course, you want to respond well before the due date for the wedding invitations, but also for showers, rehearsal dinners, and other activities.  We find that the "no" rsvp's tend to come in near the end.  If you already know you can't make it, don't wait to send in your little pre-stamped card.

2.  Send your gift.  The newlyweds will be thrilled that you chose to shop off their registry or purchase something extra special as a wedding gift.  Make their lives easier by sending your gift to their home (or their chosen gift destination) before the wedding.  Bringing a gift (unless it's tucked into an envelope) is not only a hassle for you, but can be tricky for the bride and groom to transport from the wedding location to their home.  If you wish to send it after the wedding day, then wait two weeks to pop it in the mail.  This will ensure that they're home from their honeymoon and have had time to unpack.

3.  Use all of the information you're given in Save the Dates, the Invitation, and through the Wedding Website.  The couple has spent a lot of time gathering information to make your trip to their wedding as easy for you as possible.  Book early at their chosen hotel and pay attention to notes about attire suggestions.  They have, likely, chosen that hotel with great care and their attire suggestions will make you as comfortable as possible on wedding day.

4.  Still have questions?  Try asking the parents or a member of the wedding party.  The bride and groom are going to be very busy the month before the wedding and their friends and family might have the perfect answer to your question.

And remember to kick up your heels and enjoy yourself at the wedding!