Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Getting Started?

If you're just getting started with the wedding plans, then here are our best tips for the beginning.
1.  Have an honest chat with your parents - both sides of the family - about guest count and budgets.  This way you'll know what you're working with in both areas.  Also, be sure to ask them what they would like for the wedding and what is important to them.

2.  Start your guest list.  Complete names and addresses - you'll need them for Save the Dates and Invitations so it's best to get them early!  It's quite a task to be prepared.  Put all of the information into an Excel spreadsheet so it can be easily sorted.

3.  Find your venue, then select your date.  You'll find that availability will probably set your date - rather than the other day around.  Your wedding planner is the one vendor that you can choose before setting the date, we can work with you to find your venue and set the date.

4.  Once you have your date determined you can start choosing your vendors!