Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday's Wedding ABC's

V.  V is for volume.  Your older guests are more sensitive to the volume of the music.  Seat them away from the speakers so they can chat during dinner.

W.  W is for wedding website.  A wedding website is a great way to communicate with your guests.  Get it started and put the url on your Save the Dates so your guests can keep updated.

X.  X is for xylophone?  No no, is for X's - kisses!  Lots of kisses on wedding day. Don't forget your touch up lipstick.

Y.  Y is for young guests.  You've made the decision to have children at the wedding and you need to give them something to do.  Have a room close to the reception room set aside for the kids.  Stock it with movies, a tv and dvd player, some games and toys, and snacks.  And yes,  a babysitter or two.  If you can't manage a room, then give each child a tote filled with toys and games to play during the reception.  Their parents will thank you.

Z.  Z is for Zzzzzz's.  The few nights before the wedding it's best to get a good nights sleep.  Don't count on sleeping the night before the Big Day - it may be difficult.


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