Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thank You!

As wedding season rolls on the thank you notes should be rolling out. Here are a few guidelines to get you started.
1. Be timely in sending out your bridal shower thank you notes. They should go out within a few weeks of the bridal shower. Since your wedding thank you notes will either you both your name and your fiances name or your new married monogram imprinted, you will need separate notes for the bridal shower. You can get started before the shower by pre addressing the envelopes of those guests you know are coming to the shower.
2. As wedding gifts start to arrive you can start you thank you notes. Be sure that these notes have your maiden name as well, since they are being sent before the wedding day.
3. Thank you notes have a few key components: express gratitude for the gift, tell how you will use the gift, and tell how much you're looking forward to see the person or how much you enjoyed seeing them at the wedding.
4. Notes should always be handwritten, as well as hand addressed.
5. Wedding gift thank you notes should be sent in a timely manner. The gift giver will want to be sure that it was received. There is a misconception that you have 1 year to write thank you notes, this is not true. Your guests have 1 year to send a gift.
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