Friday, September 5, 2008

To Band or To DJ - that is the question.

Brides Magazine recently published an article on choosing the music for your reception. It is often a difficult decision between a DJ and a band. Of course there are pros and cons to each option - you just need to decide what the most important elements are for your reception. For either option you want to choose a DJ or a Band that you feel confident in and that is going to do a great job during your reception.
Reasons to book a DJ:
*He's more affordable
*Will play any song you want
*Can work in small spaces without a lot of equipment
*Keeps music going during the entire party with no lull
*Is trained to choreography the reception and make announcements

Reasons to book a band:
*They make a more dramatic presentation, with musicians, vocalists, and all those instruments.
*Have unique personalities
*Their infectious energy can get people on the dance floor
*Guests who don't dance will still enjoy watching the show

image from Arthur Remanjon