Friday, October 10, 2008


Bride and Bloom Magazine 's latest issue includes an article with
25 Ways to De-Stress with your Fiance

1.  Go on a weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast
2.  Play hooky and spend the whole day in your pajamas
3.  Practice team work by taking a tandem bike ride
4.  Go horseback riding on a beautiful beach or scenic trail
5.  Take a hot air balloon ride
6.  Head for the hills for a wine tasting adventure and tour of the vineyards
7.  Heat things up by taking a cooking class
8.  Take turns pampering each other with manicures, pedicures, and massages
9.  Or, go to a couples spa and let someone else pamper you
10.  Get out to the great outdoors and go rock climbing
11.  Have a foreign movie night
12.  Visit a local orchard and pick apples, peaches, strawberries, or other seasonal goodies
13.  Get dressed up and have a romantic night out on the town with dinner and dancing
14.  Get dressed down and pitch a tent and roast marshmallows in your own backyard
15.  Pack a lunch and a blanket and head to the park for a picnic for two
16.  Go sky diving
17.  Go on a walk and never let go of each others hands
18.  Have a fondue night and feed each other gooey treats, from savory cheeses for dinner to indulgent chocolate for dessert
19.  Find a open field and stargaze for hours
20.  Have a game night and play anything from Twister to charades
21.  Grab a cup of coffee and spend the morning exploring a local flea market
22.  Act like a kid again and visit a local amusement park
23.  Put on your dancing shoes and learn a sexy new dance such as the tango
24.  Spend the afternoon at a museum you have always wanted to visit
25.  Be a tourist in your own city