Saturday, October 18, 2008

Groom's Cake?

Wondering where the Groom's cake came from?  The folks at tell us how it came to be.
cake from Charm City Cakes

"Certainly not a new concept, the groom’s cake is making a comeback.  The idea dates back to the 19th century when the newlywed couple served up a dense fruit cake with or without icing.  Some say that the white icing was meant to mimic the bride’s dress, while other accounts claim that no icing was used and the cake was kept fresher longer.  Either way, legend has it that if the single women in attendance were to take a slice home and place it underneath their pillows they would dream of the future husbands.   

In today’s era, the groom’s cake tradition is routed in the South.  Frequently a chocolate or red velvet cake, it was first served to offer up an alternative flavor to the vanilla wedding cake that had to look a certain way.  Meant to be a gift from the bride to groom (often a surprise), the cake can come in any shape, theme, or form.  Liquor flavored or chocolate flavored, you won’t find flowers on these cakes, but perhaps mascots of sports teams or colleges.  

While it’s not a required element of a wedding, it makes for a personal touch served up at either the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception.  If you opt to serve it at the reception, display it next to the traditional wedding cake or roll it out along side when you’re ready to share his surprise.  The cake should later be cut and put in to-go boxes for guests to take home.  If the cake is large enough, this sweet take out treat can even serve as your wedding favor.  Regardless of when or how you serve it, make sure you select a cake that reflects his masculine style, his wants, and of course his personality."