Saturday, October 25, 2008

To Carry Down the Aisle

If you've started working on the wedding then you've probably given the colors and flowers some thought. You may have even visited floral designers, maybe even chosen the one that you felt that connection with and was right for your budget.

It's time to give your bridal bouquet some consideration.
You have some choices to think about color.
flowers and image from Romance of Flowers

Soft Color
flower from Simply Beautiful, image from Philip Weber for Arthur Remanjon

or Full of Color
image and flowers from Romance of Flowers

and then Shape... Round, Oval, Hand-Tied, Cascading, Nosegay, there are many options.

Talk to your designer about:
The kinds of flowers - structured, frilly, soft, tropical, traditional, modern, etc.

The weight of the bouquet - do you want large or small?

The finish of the handle - totally covered with ribbon or stems showing?  Do you want to add something personal like a piece of jewelry?  Is there a specific color or treatment for the ribbon?


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