Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rings Around

Shopping for Your Wedding Ring

In the midst of your wedding plans, don’t forget to buy one of the most important elements of your big day – your wedding band. As fun as it is to buy new jewelry, your wedding ring is going to stay with you until death do you part. So, make sure you pick something you love. Here are a few things to consider before you make the big purchase.
Considering Cost
Although wedding rings tend to be less expensive than engagement rings, the price can skyrocket depending on what you are looking for. Two things will determine the cost of your wedding band: the type of metal you choose and whether or not you want any stones. Platinum is a heavier and more durable metal so it will be more expensive than gold. Also, if you want to have diamonds or other gemstones on the ring, it will add to the cost. Some brides prefer a simple wedding band without any stones, while others may love the sparkly look of the eternity band, with small diamonds all around. If you can’t buy exactly what you want now, remember there will be plenty of anniversaries ahead for upgrades.  

Ring Compatibility
Before you go shopping for your wedding band, consider your engagement ring. Do you want something that will match? Are you going to wear them together or separate? Does the wedding band style sit comfortably next to your engagement ring? Depending on whether or not you are going to wear both rings together, make sure they are a compatible fit. Some jewelry designers can make bands that are curved in shape to fit snuggly next to your engagement ring. Or perhaps you don’t want to wear both of them together, which gives you the freedom to choose any style your heart desires.
Suit Your Style
Odds are you’re going to wear your wedding ring every day, so make sure to pick something that suits your day to day style. Do you normally dress trendy, casual, or conservative? Choose a ring that matches your wardrobe. A conservative dresser may pick the classic gold or white gold band, while a trendy dresser may choose a set of stackable rings in different shades of gold such as yellow, white and rose. There is also the difference between brushed or polished wedding bands. A brushed ring gives a more modern look while a polished ring looks classic. Just remember, this piece of jewelry is going to be part of your everyday wardrobe, so choose a style that reflects your personality.
To Match or Not to Match?
If you and your fiancé can’t agree on a ring style, don’t fret. There is no rule that says a couple must have matching wedding rings. With so many different styles out there, it’s only natural to like different things. For a unifying element, choose bands in the same kind of metal like platinum or gold. Or have your rings engraved with a message that is special to both of you. Be as creative or traditional as you’d like. Whether you choose identical bands or completely different styles, it will be a symbol of your love and that means more than anything.

image and text from thebrideandbloom.com


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