Saturday, January 24, 2009

Catering Contracts

There are a few key things to do before signing your Catering Contract.

1.  Find out exactly what you're getting.  If you're confused - ask questions.  If the caterer can provide glassware, china, flatware, and barware - what does it look like?  If the caterer can provide linens, chairs, and tables - what do they look like?

2.  Do the math.  Add up the TOTAL cost.  Total cost includes service staff, service charges, taxes, menu, bar, and any other charges listed on the contract.  Ask about gratuities and other charges.  Once you have that number, then you can divide it by your guest count and see your per person price.

3.  Check your count.  You don't want to guarantee more guests than you anticipate at the wedding.  Consult your guest list and give your caterer a minimum number of attendants.

4.  Ask about the venue.  If you are bringing in a caterer to a venue that does not have a kitchen on site then you may have to bring in stoves and other equipment.  This equipment can add to your bottom line, so be sure to ask the caterer what is required before signing.