Friday, February 6, 2009

Make It Work: Guest Book

You decided what kind of guest book you want and now it's time to put it to you.  It's super important to you and you can't wait to read all of those little messages when you get home from the honeymoon.

Now:  Make It Work (thank you Tim Gunn!)

1.  Placement:  Position the guest book near the bar guests will use during the reception.  It can also be placed near the bar at the cocktail hour, but remember that's one hour of time for all of your guests and they will be busy chatting during that time.  For the best results have it available at both the cocktail hour and the reception.  Placement near the bar is key.  It's where people congregate and wait in line for a bit so they'll have plenty of time to write you a special note.

2.  Supplies:  Have plenty of pens, paper, and any other supplies needed to create your guest book.  Make sure the pens are acid free and that they have a pretty cup to sit in.

3.  Height:  Use a high-top (high boy, elbow) cocktail table with a pretty linen.  The higher table will ensure that guests don't have to bend over to write.  That means their backs won't hurt and they'll spend more time with you on the dance floor.  The small size of the table (30 or 36 inches) will provide the perfect amount of space.

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