Sunday, March 1, 2009

Virtual Martini with Victoria Clausen

Let's have a Virtual Martini with Floral Designer Victoria Clausen

Business Name:  Romance of Flowers  
Name: Victoria Clausen        
Phone Number:  410-526-7252 
Email Address:  
Website Address: 

How did you get started in the business?
I’ve always loved flowers … About 12 years ago I got a job at a flower shop while taking some college classes. I absolutely fell in love with the event business and found out that I had a gift for design I wasn’t aware of. In a couple of years, with the encouragement of my husband and a few dear friends I took a plunge of starting a business and never looked back. I still love even every crazy thing about it!

How would you describe your style?
It is hard for me to describe it in one word. I love doing things that reflect my clients’ style, personalities, taste. If, walking into the room guests say “Oh, this is Romance of Flowers work!”,  we wouldn’t do our job well. I’d rather be known for creativity and ability to translate our clients’ style into the events, not my own.

How many people are part of your company?
I have a core of four incredibly talented and dedicated people and, depending on the event, bring on board as many as needed to do the job well (10, 15, 20…).

What has been the highlight of your career to date?
Without a doubt, it is the time when my team helped me to perfectly execute a huge wedding 9 days after I had my second son (well, they did most of the work, obviously...). It was an incredible feeling to know that they can understand so well to recreate the vision without me being on site. What a gift they all are! On the other side, having clients who trust us with the most special events of their lives make my life full and rewarding.

Give us your favorite wedding or event planning tip.
Strive to find vendors that can ‘read your mind’. And, if you have a level of trust and comfort that they have your best interests at heart and mind your budget, let yourself be amazingly surprised on your special day. It is the best treat to be a guest at your own celebration.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
Oh, I don’t have to think a second on this one! It is the immediate reaction/feedback of my clients: a bride holding back tears looking at her bouquet; parents looking at the setting, speechless and emotional; guests pausing lively conversation with a look of amazement and excitement while entering the celebration’s venue ….. – these moments make it all worth it.

What is the best compliment you've ever received?
This one, believe it or not, is a hard one – I am blessed to receive so many heartwarming notes from my clients. But if I have to choose, I’d like to share two.

This one is from a Bride:  She told me: “How could you read my mind so well when I couldn’t even express in words what I wanted? This is exactly what I was hoping for! Oh, no! This is so much better!”

This one is from a father: “I never thought that I could spent this much on flowers, but I have to tell you, that what you created here today is worth every penny!”

When you travel, what is the one thing you cannot live without?
My camera.

If you weren't a floral designer, what would you be?
A professional traveler (if there is such a thing)… but, more realistically, I’d become a photographer – life and people fascinate me.

Share a fun fact about your home life.
Let’s put it this way, when you have two young boys and a dog at home, life is full of ever-changing fun. This week our family fun activity is “What items can we save from the trash cans after our 13-month old is done with house cleaning?”. Today was a shoe and a cheese-grader.

What was the last thing your purchased?
Six boxes of Dark Chocolate Almond Bark from Trader Joe’s. It was a seasonal item this year and my whole family got addicted to it…  - so, I was stocking-up on last boxes to hold us through another week or so….

And we must know your favorite local restaurant.
Restaurants are tricky for us at this stage of life. When we go out as a family we prefer places that are a bit on the loud side (where noise made by our children blends in with the background sound). As for a place to enjoy a nice dinner and a good conversation, we recently had a great experience at Micho’s (relatively new place on Main Str. in Reisterstown). They specialize in Mediterranean cuisine: really enjoyed the food, loved the service and the atmosphere. Look forward to discovering more things they have to offer.  

Let's say you have a day off and you are able to do anything at all for 24 hours (money is no object).  What would the day look like and who would you be with?
It really depends on WHEN I’d be given such a treat. Right now spending a quiet day with a good book and meals served in bed sounds like a dream… Tomorrow if might be shopping and enjoying the sites in Paris with my girlfriend… Yesterday, I wished I could go scuba diving with my family in the Coral reef off Australia coast….