Saturday, March 7, 2009

Your Two Cents Worth

The cost of mailing your wedding invitations is increasing by (at least)two cents on May 11th. First class mail will be .44 for the first ounce and .61 for a two ounce envelope.

If your response cards are scheduled to be returned to you anytime in May or June, be sure to use a .44 stamp on the response card envelope.

Most wedding invitations weigh in at the two ounce rate although you should always take it to the post office to be weighed before making a stamp purchase. When I am assembling and mailing wedding invitations for a client, I visit two or three post offices to get the fully assembled invitation weighed and sometimes get three different answers!

Based on experience I can tell you that the selection of .44 stamps will be slim when the increase first goes into effect. It might be a better idea to have a custom stamp made at Zazzle in order to get something "invitation worthy". And before you ask -- the "forever" stamp is not invitation worthy.