Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Miss me? I just completed a fabulous marathon of 19 events in 12 weeks and although it was a great experience, it is one not to be repeated anytime soon. It was a test of endurance with fantastic rewards and an incredible sense of satisfaction. There are still a bunch of 2009 weddings to plan and coordinate, but the pace will slower. So, even though there haven't been any blog posts lately, we have been busy creating memories for many happy couples and will share the details with you in the coming weeks via the blog.

It has been a whirlwind Spring and Summer and I couldn't be happier with the results. Wait until you see the photos! The events took place at every imaginable kind of venue (hotels, clubs, private homes, historic sites) and we worked with nearly 200 vendors during the marathon. It is those wonderful professionals and my team (Lisa, Caroline, Kelly, Cassy, Camilla, Laura, Carly, Pam, Barbara and Kate)that came together to produce these amazing events that I am looking forward to sharing. In future posts I will specifically mention and recommend the vendors with whom we worked that went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations (which are high to start with).

The weather was also a star. 100% of the events took place with the "good weather" plan in action. Nothing was rained out and every bride who wanted to get married outdoors, did so.

Special thanks to the clients who are loyal, fun, and so smart. The best part of this business is the people I get to meet. I am honored that they bring us in to share this very important life event with them.