Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jocelyn + Henry: Getting Ready

Another Saturday in May meant another wedding in Baltimore and we were thrilled to be helping this bride and groom with their wedding. Jocelyn and Henry share a culture, a profession (they are both docs) and even a last name (even before they were married) so when they were planning their wedding, they shared all the duties and decisions.
The bride's beautiful gown.
Dressed with a little help from her friends.

"First look". The bride and groom decided to see each other before the ceremony which is usually just as sweet and emotional as seeing each other from an aisle away.

Gorgeous photo of the diamond ring by Renee Michele.

The flowers were all from the uber-talented and super sweet Karen Lock.

Great photo of the back of the wedding gown. These photos were taken in historic Mt. Vernon.

In the limo and on the way to the church for the ceremony.

One last pose with the bridesmaids before walking into the church.

One of my favorite photos from the wedding. They were so happy.

Taking photos together before the wedding has wonderful advantages and tends to turn tension and nervousness into joy and calm as seen here.
Thanks to Renee Michele for all the beautiful photos in this post.