Sunday, March 7, 2010

Leigh + Ward: The Details

This cute wedding sign is part of my "wedding stuff" inventory. It is from an artist on Etsy. She made several for me in different colors, some pointing right and some pointing left. We do many outdoor weddings so they get used quite often. Our clients always have the option of using any wedding items in our inventory at no cost.
I know some prefer to forgo the champagne toast these days but I happen to love champagne and the elegance it brings to an event.

Caterer Carlton Walker prepared this fabulous crab salad, made of lump crab meat, to serve for the first course.

A dinner buffet which included Rockfish, Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Roasted Potatoes and Rice Salad awaited the guests.

The entree served on clear glass plates.

A slice of wedding cake with seasonal fresh berries is always refreshing and just enough.

A Crane escort card (in envelope) and a calligrapher's special touch.

You know it is one of our wedding if there is a basket or two of flip flops on the dance floor. One can only wear those heels for so long.

A really good band "makes" for a successful reception.

We love the Adesso guest books with the Polaroid photos. Our inventory also includes a nice supply of the now hard to get cameras.

Loane Brothers hung paper lanterns in the trees with lights for a great night time glow.

Tiki torches with citronella oil are a must for an outdoor wedding in Maryland.
Thank you Renee Michele Photography for the wonderful photographs featured in all four blog posts for Leigh and Ward's wedding.


Dynamite Weddings said...

The flip flop idea has been one of my favs for a while!