Friday, June 4, 2010

Expert Advice for Industry Pros

It was a pleasure to finally meet my on-line industry buddy Liene Stevens recently. Liene is the owner of Splendid Communications, an on-line media consultancy for the wedding and lifestyle events industry. She and I are members of a couple of on-line groups which discuss the most current topics we face in the wedding industry.

Just a few weeks ago, Liene graciously offered to make her way from NYC to speak at the monthly Baltimore NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) meeting. NACE is the industry association for caterers, event planners, rental companies, entertainment agencies, hotels, floral decorators, and anyone else involved in creating special events. The Baltimore chapter of NACE is very strong and very active and this year I am serving on the board of directors as co-chair of programs.
During her presentation, Liene spoke of the role that social media plays in our businesses. She related startling facts, gave great advice, and related funny anecdotes as she presented ideas to move a business forward using social media.
If you are an event professional, subscribe to her blog as it's a great source of sage advice and timely information. And if you are interested in attending the next NACE meeting, send a note and we'll be glad to have you tag along. You'll get great information and meet many business owners in the events industry (there's alcohol and food too!).