Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hair Accessories: Flowers

A concern shared by many brides is what to do with their hair for the reception. For the ceremony, the veil is the focal point of the hair but what happens after the ceremony when the veil is removed? A bride can always ask her hair stylist to stay around to create a whole new look after the ceremony; but, in the interest of saving time, I'll showcase my favorite options for changing up your hair on your own for your reception.

Red roses are classic and this piece just screams classic pin-up girl. Throw on some red lipstick to really kick up the fun.

Colorful flowers are also a great idea for your maid of honor as a way to make her look special.

With a simple Google search, tons and tons of sites for hair flowers are at your disposal. Etsy, Retro Glamor Girl and HairFlowers.Net are my favorite sites for flowers as they offer quality products that are inexpensive. No need to break the bank over such a simple detail.

Always consult with your hair stylist to get their thoughts on any hair accessory you choose.


Laurent Hrybyk said...

The peacock feather (I'm guessing peacock at least) is a work of art.

Is there anything Etsy doesn't have?