Thursday, April 14, 2011

As if. . .

Cheetos and chocolate chip cookies - they can't get any better, right? Wrong.
Cheesy fingers is the worst part of Cheetos but we put up with it because it's worth it. And though licking the leftover cheesy goodness from one's fingers, it's not exactly attractive or discreet. So what's a girl to do in these trying times? Cover those Cheetos in chocolate, of course!
The Cereal Baker shares her recipes and secrets so the rest of us can divulge in the salty sweetness.

About those chocolate chip cookies? Why not add red velvet cake to the center? Yes, we're doubling up on the desserts, that's just how we like it. Besides, there aren't as many calories if the cake is a part of the cookie, or so we've heard.
Head on over to Cake Derby to get their recipe. Oh, and be sure to stop by our office to drop some off.