Saturday, April 2, 2011


It's no secret that not all women are a size 2. It's also no secret that those women that aren't a size 2, have a "humbling" experience when it comes to shopping for our wedding gowns. Most shops and boutiques only carry dresses in single digit numbers because "plus-sized dresses don't look good on the hangers," according to most salon owners.

That quote didn't sit well with Yukia Walker. Because of her own awful experiences trying to fit her size 14 self into a gown that was an 8 or smaller, she decided she was going to take a portion of her own wedding budget and open her own salon.

Curvaceous Couture is located in Columbia, Maryland and they offer dresses from size 14 to size 32. It is their belief that shopping for your wedding gown should be fun and relaxing, free of stress and worry over not being an ideal size. Their motto is "Curvaceous Couture: Because the love of his life isn't always a size 6." We couldn't be more in love with their approach.

For those girls that are a 2 or a 6, never fear. Curvaceous Couture is more than able to help you find the dress of your dreams as well. According to Yukia, "I can't tell you how many young ladies come in and they are just so happy that they can zip the dress up. Even if they are smaller and they have to pin the dress, they are in the dress. That's what they appreciate. Some of them have been to other salons and have been humiliated, and they are so scared and timid when they get in here. When they find that gown -- just their excitement and the family's excitement and the tears -- it just gives me some peace, every day, of what I didn't have."