Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ecclectic Wedding Rings

Fashion and culture blog Refinery 29 recently did an interesting piece on alternative engagement rings.  To many, engagement rings are considered the most important piece of jewelry in one's life.  Although a emerald cut stone from Tiffany & Co. is always beautiful why not be a little unconventional?  There are many options out there.  Quirky jewelry designer Erica Weiner now sells antique rings on her site.  The image displayed above came from the designer's site and is a seven diamond Edwardian cluster ring.  Another place to find unique and often one of a kind engagement rings is at auction.  Alex Cooper Auctioneers located in the heart of Towson, Maryland holds auctions every six weeks or so.

Upscale department stores such as Barney's New York and Harrods carry a diverse selection of engagement friendly rings.  The adorable ring displayed above is beautiful enough to make any bride blush.  It is by a brand called FINN and can be found on the Barney's New York Website.


Laurent said...

The Edwardian Cluster ring is quite amazing Beth. If I were not already married I would love to give this to my lovely lady...actually I'm sure she still wouldn't mind if I did ;)