Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lauren Hoen Jewelry

Lauren Hoen, a Jarrettsville native and mother of two, is a total and complete Etsy success story.  She began using crocheting skills to create elaborate and stunning articles of jewelry.  Using a mixture of precious stones and metals, the designer constructs delicate and unique pieces, which would make fabulous bridal gifts.  After joining Etsy in 2009, Hoen gained a steady following over the past few years.  More recently her pieces were used at the celebrity gift lounge during the Golden Globes.  Her pieces are available through her Etsy site and at Take Me Home in St. Michaels.


Lauren said...

Hi Elizabeth- guess I am not good at the google analytic stuff- or I would have found your post earlier;) Thanks for sharing my jewelry on your blog~ Lauren Hoehn