Sunday, April 1, 2012

TOMs Sunglasses

Famed shoe company TOMs are at it again, this time with sunglasses.  The brand has famously provided shoes to shoeless children all over the world, donating a pair for each pair sold.  More recently they started using the same philanthropic method with sunglasses.  Through developing relationships with a number of optical experts, the brand's goal is to provide people in need with vision.  For each pair sold, money is donated to organizations that offer vision screenings, cataract surgery, and prescription glasses in countries all around the globe.  The sunglasses are wonderful in both their meaning and design.  TOMs has stayed true to the simple but chic design aesthetic found in their shoes, using classic styles with a hint of charismatic color.  The eye wear comes in both male and female designs. The style displayed above is the Classic 101, and is available on their website.