Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Will You Marry Me?

In 1979, Pepsi used a skywriter to write “Marry Me Sue” in the sky, becoming what is one of their most well known advertisements. Since then, skywriting has been a big way of popping the question. But like everything else, it has evolved. Say goodbye to the old school airplanes, and say hello to the digital version.

Bootcamp Lights, run by Kyle Benham and Robert Schapiro, is headlining this change. Their customized R22 helicopter has a 36- X 8-foot digital billboard on the bottom, that can flash anything you want. The brilliant entrepreneurs are hoping that their neon-bright advertisements will catch everyone’s attention after years of the same old airplanes dragging banners and leaving smoking trails.

So, if you’re looking for creative ways to ask that special girl to marry you, or advertise your latest invention, look no further.