Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Candy Bar: Treat you guests to your favorite candies and add a colorful display to your reception!

Candy Bars have become very popular at weddings, birthdays, and celebrations of every kind. They make a huge impact and provide a shot of great color. The display becomes an activity at the reception - a place for guests to mingle and chat.

Theme your Candy
By color - all red, all white, all pink

By decade - favorites from your childhood
Family Favorites - each persons favorite candy. Label them Sally's Favorite, Jim's Favorite.

Wrapped or loose candy?
Either works well. The wrapped candy will stay fresh longer. Loose candy will require more to fill the jars and requires scoops.

Where do I get the candy?
There are a variety of online candy stores that sell in bulk or you can stop by your favorite warehouse store, grocery, or candy store.

What about candy bags and ribbon?
We can help you there too. We can custom imprint bags in low quantities and help you select a complimentary ribbon.

Is this just for kids?
Certainly not! Adults love candy and definitely enjoy the candy bar experience. Though occasionally they tell us they are "taking candy home for the kids" we know most of that candy will not make it inside the house.

ESB Weddings Tip: Pre-cut your ribbon into 1/2 yard lengths and decide how the bags and ribbon will be displayed. Order or pick-up your candy and pa
ck it up along with your other reception items. If the candy needs special unpacking be sure to do that before wedding day. We like to add a sign to the display with a note or simply to wish Sweet Dreams to your guests.

Assign someone to unpack the jars, set them up, and load them up with the candy. Your guests will love filling up their bags with their favorite goodies!