Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wedding Day Eve

The night before the wedding you'll have your Ceremony Rehearsal and then a chance to celebrate with the people closest to you at the Rehearsal Dinner.

You may or may not have much "say" in the Rehearsal Dinner if it's being planning by your in-laws-to-be. But here are some tips if you will be taking the reins.

How can we make it fun?

1. Make a slideshow.
Slideshows are easier than ever with PowerPoint and other presentation software. The biggest hassle is scanning in the images, which you can do on your own scanner or with the help of a local photography shop. Put in some captions and set it to music!
Elizabeth Bailey Tip: Start this project months before the wedding. It may be frustrating at times and you'll want to be able to put it aside and work on it slowly. Better yet? Assign this take to someone else!

2. Get the best shots.
Ask your photographer about shooting the Rehearsal Dinner. You'll be celebrating with your closest friends and family and there are sure to be plenty of photo opportunities.

3. Keep it casual - if you can.
If your wedding reception is going to be a formal affair - keep the rehearsal dinner a bit more casual. It may help you stay more relaxed. And, come on, we're in Maryland - a crab feast just works.

4. Splurge.
Was there something you really wanted for the wedding reception, but couldn't work it into the budget? You will be entertaining fewer guests at the rehearsal dinner so you might be able to get those extra special treats after all.

5. Show your gratitude.
Take a few moments during the toasts at dinner to say thank you. This is a great opportunity to speak to the people to whom you are closest and tell them how much you appreciate their presence. You might get wrapped up in the day tomorrow, so take the moment the night before.

Finally, if you are letting your in-laws-to-be plan this party then let it go completely.

Want to offer help without actually doing any work? Send them to us!

The Team at Elizabeth Bailey Weddings are happy to help plan the Rehearsal Dinner. Email Christina for more information.