Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Top Ten Reminders

Things tend to get a little bit hectic around your wedding day. Here is my Top Ten List of Reminders. Print them out or jot them down - you are going to need them.

1. Don't forget about the marriage license. You have to actually give it to your officiant. It doesn't count if you leave it at home.

2. Remember a hankie. It does not matter if you rarely cry. It is just like the umbrella theory - if you have a hankie you will not cry. And if you do, well, then you have a hankie.

3. Scuff your shoes, please. Do a shimmy in your front yard in your wedding shoes. Actually, wear them around the house for a few hours too. Break those puppies in.

4. Leave your cell phone at the hotel. You do not need your phone. You will not be taking calls. I am certain someone will have a phone if you need one.

5. Eat. Please. Before the ceremony AND during the reception. There is plenty of time to visit the tables.

6. Pre-pack. Start the packing process a few weeks ahead. Pack everything separately for different events, especially if you will be moving around. Pack for the honeymoon at least two weeks before the wedding. It will save you a trip to Rite-Aid on the way home from the Rehearsal Dinner for sunscreen.

7. Your camera. Remember to bring it or have someone else bring it for you.

8. Hold hands with your Groom. Look him in the eye when you say your vows. Try your very best to feel comfortable in front of all of your guests during the ceremony.

9. Take a minute if you need it. Have your wedding planner schedule in some time for you to be alone with your brand new husband after the ceremony. It will give you two a chance to chat and breathe.

10. Have fun. This is an amazing time. Enjoy yourself. Try not to let the little things annoy you. Remove yourself from people that are causing problems.