Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pass This Along To Your GQ Man

Finally the answer to the often asked question: "Should a man's socks match his shoes?" According to a recent column in the WSJ, "Traditionally, socks should match the color of your pants and not your shoes. You want an unbroken line from your pants to your shoes. So when you are in navy pinstripes, go for navy socks and black shoes. For charcoal pants, choose charcoal socks. With khaki trousers, choose socks with a slightly darker khaki tone which happens to look better with brown shoes. Make sure your socks are long enough - mid-calf at least- that you won't flash hairy legs. Bare ankles, however are just fine if you are sockless in loafers during the spring and summer. This is a Continental look that is fast becoming popular among big city men. If you are worried about sweaty feet, wear ultra low rise "no show" socks."