Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Like a Wedding on the set of Dirty Dancing...

Candles glittered in the Sherwood Dance Hall on Saturday night for Emily and Malcolm's wedding.

The food was plentiful and presented beautifully by the staff of Ken's Creative Kitchen. Guests mingled and mixed through the stations while waiting to taste the delicious cake from The Main Ingredient.

The band, Liquid Pleasure, kept the crowd on the dance floor the whole evening. They capped off the evening by bringing out hot pink suits for the last set.

The flowers from Romance of Flowers added color and depth to the rustic environment. The arrangements were creative and unique and even hung from the rafters.

A sparkler send-off topped off the evening as Emily and Malcolm made their getaway in a vintage golf cart.


Christine said...

Where is their venue? I can't find it on google. It's so pretty!

Elizabeth,Christina, & Kate said...

Christine - Thanks! We had a great time there. The venue is actually a private club near Annapolis, Maryland.

Elizabeth,Christina, & Kate said...
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