Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Peabody - it's just like a Harry Potter Movie

As guests entered the Peabody Library there were resounding 'oohs and 'ahhs. Everyone was blown away by the sheer size of the room and the stacks upon stacks of books. One gentleman asked if we were expecting Harry Potter to fly in - as it looks just like a set from a movie.

The linen from Select Event Rentals gave the entire room a warm glow and the menu from Chefs Expressions was terrific. The gorgeous floral arrangements from Flowers and Fancies added a sense of whimsy.

The band, Second Nature, kept the crowd on the dance floor all evening.

Guests loved the Adesso guest book! They were through all of the Polaroid film and filled the books with well wishes. The pictures got more creative and silly as the evening progressed.

Holly and John had a wonderful evening celebrating with their family and friends. The love and admiration of the newlyweds was overflowing all evening.